History of EBC


In 1972 Baptist foreign missionaries began a work among the young people in Kuching which grew into a vibrant fellowship.It was formally organised into Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) on 5th October 1975. Since then, EBC had moved a few times to accommodate the growth. Presently there are six different congregations (English -3, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Iban) meeting regularly with an average attendance of more than 500 people every Sunday at two different locations (Hui Sing Garden and Kota Padawan).

EBC planted a daughter church at Kampung Sikog, Padawan. Sikog Baptist Church has grown in size and also planted another outreach point at Kampung Menjau. A kindergarten (Tadika Terang) was the most recent ministry started to provide quality preschool education to the community.